Welcome to De Utrechtsche Dom


We hope you have a comfortable and peaceful stay in our small Guesthouse. De Utrechtsche Dom has been located here in the old center of Gouda for more than three hundred years. This building was originally the coach house of tavern De Utrechtsche Dom. For a long time, De Utrechtsche Dom has been the base for guests for cultural-historical trips or sporting trips. We are also happy to help you on your way.


Since June 2020, we have been doing this in a changed society, in a renovated building and in a different way than regular guests are used to from us. We work according to our 1,5 meter protocol.


We serve you as much as possible within international hygiene rules. We inform you extensively about our facilities and our working method upon arrival. You will also receive an information sheet from us at check-in. We expect you to indicate your check-in time in advance, to give space to other guests in the building and to apply the international hygiene rules. Of course we hope you have a good time with us.


Gouda has a number of cultural institutions and places of interest. They are currently opening the doors for visitors step by step. In all, there are restrictive measures to prevent crowds. You can find an up-to-date overview of open institutions on the VVV Gouda website. There you will also find an overview of the many restaurants and cafes in the city. They all currently use a reservation system and so-called time slots.


We will provide you with an overview of take away and deleivery restaurants in the area upon check-in. They are a nice alternative when it is busy in the restaurants. We ask you to organize your meal yourself. You can then enjoy it in your own quiet sitting room in De Utrechtsche Dom.

When you turn on the WIFI in our Guesthouse, you will be automatically directed to our website. This way you can quickly find the right information for a pleasant stay in Gouda and with a few clicks you can reserve a place in one of the Gouda venues. You can also easily reach the website by scanning the QR code on our desk.


We whish you a good time in Gouda.


the employees of De Utrechtsche Dom.