Old Harbour Arrangement


Have a walk through Gouda’s old harbor ditrict. Enjoy the varied range art and culture that provides the Gouda Town. Finish the day with a relaxing dinner along Gouda’s most beautiful canal and an overnight stay in old Dutch athmosphère.


Arrangement: Cultural walk, three-course dinner at Eat and Drink Local Kamphuisen and an overnight stay in a standard room in De Utrechtsche Dom.

Costs: € 135,- for two persons, excl. drinks, incl. breakfast, according to availabilities. Upon arrival you will find a small attention in your room.


Kamphuisen is located in the old center of Gouda, right along the Gouwe, the ancient port to the city. The restaurant is known for its casual atmosphere and its beautiful terrace in the old fish market along the canal. De Utrechtsche Dom is a small Guesthouse, set in an old coach house in Gouda’s inner city. Within the five minute walk between the two places you will have a look at Gouda’s most important points of interest.


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