From Thursday the 27th of December De Utrechtsche Dom is closed for about four weeks. On Monday January 28 2019 our Guesthouse is open again. The period in between De Utrechtsche Dom is not accessible. Then we have our yearly holidays.


When you book your reservations for February 2019 before December 27, we can confirm your booking in time.




Open Monument Day 2018


Saturday the 8th of September is Open Monument Day. The theme for Open Monument Day 2018 is ‘In Europe’. With this theme, the Open Monument Day is linked to the European Year of Cultural Heritage.


On the 8th of September De Utrechtsche Dom is also open for public from 10 am to 5 pm.
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Open again


Welcome to Gouda… and welcome to De Utrechtsche Dom. After a short holiday our Guesthouse is open again.