Into the Green Heart


The garden of the Randstad is a beautiful green, peaceful and fertile region. It is for that reason that the Green Heart can most certainly be considered to be a haven between the large cities.


Unique polder landscapes and the spacious peat meadow area, relieved by various bodies of water and grazing cows, characterise this splendid area and invite you to become even more acquainted with it. There is no better way of becoming acquainted with the region than by taking one of the many cycle paths or footpaths that run through this area. The Green Heart can be enjoyed from the water while on a boat trip, or you can actively relax in the countryside by participating in one of the unique polder rambles!


While making a stunning journey through the Green Heart, why not visit a farm, where you can, for example, see how real farm cheese is made. There is always something to do in the Green Heart and, wherever you go, you can always count on a warm welcome. In the Green Heart, there is something for everybody, for the youngsters and the elderly, something to suit everybody’s taste and to suit everybody’s purse.


The Groene Hart does not only consist of landscape and green space. The area also has a rich diversity of cultural monuments and other objects of interest. The places in the area offer multi-facetted cultural-historical buildings and monuments, each with its own story from history and an old-Dutch feel to it.


Culture can also be savoured at the firms where old handicrafts are still being carried out, such as silversmiths, cheese-making farms and the pipe-making workshop. Gouda, town by the water’s edge, breathes the atmosphere of an exciting and rich past. A history of trade, art, industry and water. It is a town that has more to offer than just cheese and candles! The riches in the municipal museums and the gorgeous Goudse Glazen (stained-glass windows) in the Sint Jan church are a striking example of this. Children can discover Gouda’s secret by going on a great town walk “Op strooptocht” (On raid).


Schoonhoven “Zilverstad” (Silver Town) and Oudewater “Heksenstad” (Witches’ town) with their splendid historical centres of restored monuments, charming shops and beautiful galleries are well worth a visit. At the VVV you can book a town walk under the supervision of a guide to be assured that you will miss nothing of those special spots.


The Groene Hart has for centuries been the setting for famous Dutch artists. Famous artists of the Dutch School have made masterpieces in this area. Nowadays the beauty of the Groene Hart and its inhabitants are still being recorded.


The Groene Hart has many museums with fine exhibitions. But the museums offer more than just shows and exhibitions. For example, you can take a silversmith workshop in the Nederlands Goud- Zilver en Klokkenmuseum (Netherlands Gold, Silver and Clock Museum) in Schoonhoven.


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